Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sept 23, 2012

Hey Dad,
It really is a beautiful place. It is pretty posh though which can be good and bad. It is good because there is beautiful places to see and it is safe, but not good because usually the poor people listen to us. Alma 32. And after Guernsey, I don't think anywhere will really compare. I really have had amazing area's in terms of scenery. Except Slough.
I am still driving the car. I heard that because I went to Guernsey I get another year in the UK because they have completely different driving rules. So I will stick with that until a cop tells me otherwise. The cops have no way of knowing when I came into the country either. 
So I think I told mom everything already. The only thing different I wanted to mention to you is that it has only been 4 days and me and my companion have already had some disagreements. He was called as a zone leader 6 weeks ago. And I was just called 4 days ago. So he wants to be the boss and run the show. I am fine with that. But honestly as far as I can tell him and his companion last transfer just kept themselves busy with useless zone leader stuff and neglected any real missionary work. They had found like 30 potentials in 6 weeks and taught 0 lessons and found no investigators. We talk about how if we do all that we can it doesn't matter what results come. But seriously, if you put the time in people always come. So I am a bit frustrated and I think I have been a little bit too bold these last few days in trying to shake up our area and our zone. Our zone had no baptismal dates and we were the least productive zone last transfer. So that is what is really happening in the area and the zone. I am going to learn a lot this transfer. I am really glad it is a 4 man flat so there are other people around when we have a disagreement. But I really just wanted to see if you have ever had an experience like this and what you did to resolve it?
So far in my mission I have got along with every companion and obviously have disagreements and no real problems. I really hope that this transfer is no different. I think I will need to learn to humble myself a lot. I'm sure I have something to learn. A lot to learn. 
I'm excited to hear how Riley is doing. 
Hopefully you have a good week and keep the swearing to a minimun when doing DIY projects. 
Love Elder Steed

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