Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sept 16, 2012

The generic email eh?
Just kidding, thanks for writing.
But are you even reading my emails? I said last week that I recieved that package with all the emails from Josh and Graham and those guys.
And Elder Petersen? I served with him like 6 months ago in Slough... I am with Elder Erickson. Haha. My first son.
That was a great email to read though, thanks.
I can't wait to read Riley's first email. I am going to email again Wednesday so I'll keep this short.
I gave my 20th district meeting of my mission this week. I have been running out of ideas lately, but I really felt I had some inspiration this week. I gave a district meeting on covenants. It was a pretty intense (as far as phone calls go) meeting and revolved around the New Testament (or the new covenant) and personal covenants (like the Anti Nephi Lehis who make a covenant to give up their weapons of war). I learned a lot in my studies about it. I have loved learning more about the scriptures and the doctrines of this church. There are so many things you just never know or find out going to sunday school each week. But my hour a day of personal study is one of my favorite times.
Don't work too hard mom. Sounds like you are getting really involved with church callings. Don't go too crazy, just find the balance. I'm sure it is different as this is a new calling, I'm sure things will calm down as time goes on.
And ya I do tell you guys more know about what's going on then I did when I lived with you. Weird. Oh well, enjoy it while it lasts.
Good luck with you taxi service and piano practice policing!
Love Elder Steed

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