Wednesday, October 24, 2012

May 20, 2012

That was really cool to hear about all those boys' farewells. Sounds like they did great and I'm sure they will be awesome missionaries.
I'm really excited to hear where Landon goes. Hopefully he comes here!
Did you know sean is going to Vancouver for some NHL 13 contest he won?
Tell Grandpa I wish he could come here and he could wash our dishes for us in whatever water he wants to. The sink and kitchen are so small and it is tough to wash stuff.
In my first area I did a lot of service projects and in Slough I did a few, but here we don't seem to have many to do. We will find some though.
My new companion is Elder Martins, from Portugal. He is a good guy.
For the first time, I am taller than my companion. He has been out 7 months, but only left his first area 5 weeks ago. So he has been sheltered a bit in his first area and we work a little bit differently but so far we are getting along well and the work is going very good.
There are a lot of Portugese people here for him to talk to. There are also a ton of French. If I can pick up my French again It might come in handy. Once I feel better I might start doing that.
Guernsey really is the most beautiful of all the areas I have been to.
All of the houses are massive. Not quite as big as Canadian houses, but way bigger than any UK houses. And we are on bikes... my legs are so sore. This place is full of hills, and going up these hills is killing me. Martins says in a couple weeks I won't notice it anymore.
We had to go to a bike repair shop because I had no brakes for the first couple of days. But it is so expensive to live here. I think you have to earn a minimum amount of money to be allowed to move here. So almost everyone is just loaded. And so stores like Poundland and Tescos and Asda don't really exist here. They mostly just have posh shops and groceries cost like twice what they did in Slough. And because there are only 6 members we had 0 DA's last week so we have to buy/cook everything. And there is no fast food on the island. I was devastated when I found that out. But at church on Sunday I invited ourselves over to a few places so we have 4 DA's this week. Which should be a lot better. I never have the energy to want to cook myself food.
So I am going to go home and sleep for a few more hours and try to feel better. Have a great week!
Love Elder Steed

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