Wednesday, October 24, 2012

March 18, 2012

Ya I figured calling in May would make more sense. It's not to far away... is there any chance Riley would have his mission call by then? So we could open it up at that time?
And I got that recording of Alyssas song on my iPod, thanks for sending that it will be cool to have something she recorded I can listen to.
I actually never really play piano at church. I'm not good enough. At some district meeting I will play the piano to accompany our singing, but then I can only really play the right hand and a few chords of the left. Luckily in this district we have two concert pianists, so I haven't had to worry about playing the piano for a while. Although I do play some intro music before sacrament meetings some weeks but I have to play quite slowly.
Haha I can totally see the look of disgust on your face upon recieving the 16 dollar (I almost said pound) steak. I haven't ate a single stake my whole time in this country, except for like the second week of my mission me and Simmons bought a couple of like 4 pound steaks and cooked them over an instant charcoal grill in the backyard. They were pretty gross but we were both really excited to have steak. I'm sure everyone loved the food... my mouth is watering just thinking about those meals we used to have. I can't wait to come back and enjoy more of that kind of food. But yes, I have eaten millions of brussel sprouts. Everyone here seems to eat them with roast dinners. My first like 10 times of eating them I just hated them and had to force them down. I still don't really love them now, but I don't find them that bad. I find I can eat pretty much any food and eat as much as I have to so that no one gets offended. But yes, I am already a fatty. I have what appears to be a beer belly. And I think my legs are starting to rub together when I walk. Whatever.
Speaking of Vulcan, a new missionary just came into this mission named Elder Silito or something like that. He is from Vulcan, and apparently is related to a bunch of Steeds. I think his uncle might be Marlow Steed? I have no idea who Marlow is, but I feel like I have heard the name before. Me and this guy might be related, which is kind of weird. He is in the same zone as me at the moment and is still really green haha.
Nice dream... not. I still do feel discouraged at times, but I think most days I am pretty happy and really hopeful for the investigators that we have here at the moment. My first few months I thought of coming home a lot and I was sure I would never last two years, but they say if you can make 6 months you can make 24, and unless some crazy stuff happens at 2012 I'll be out here for a while yet. I remember thinking how hard it was at first and how I did a lot of things grudingly, but over time you can see the effects that living this way has on people.
 Writing in my journal is actually one of the hardest things I have to do. I am getting tired of spending like 10 mintues of my limited spare time every day on writing.. but hopefully I will have the motivation to keep doing it.
Did you and Mom buy new laptops? Mom mentioned her mac, and also mentioned your computer. I'm assuming you aren't still using that relic that you used to use.
Well I better write one to mom as well. Ernest is getting kicked out of his house or something and wants to store a few bags at our place for a few days so we need to go help him soon.
Love you guys, hope all is well.
Go Flames Go!
Elder Steed

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