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Aug 19, 2012

I actually meant that I was going to explain those photos to you (along with all my other like 400 or so) when I got home and we could sit down. But it sounds like you both were expecting the story of the photos today. So I'll try.
So the Japanese Gazebo. Elder Erickson is scared to death of street contacting. He is not always really confident. So we decided one day to go to this really popular and nice park to try to contact some young families. The contacting was terrible. No one was on the path's and we didn't want to stalk the families into the woods or anything.
So we left after a short time. But on our way out, we saw this really cool gazebo over some duck ponds and got some photos.
We decided we needed haircuts a couple of weeks ago. He cut mine with the clippers, but then I had to run off and account and told him to cut his own and I'll do the finishing touches. So when I finished accounting and went to check on him, that is what he had done to his hair. I told him he needs to keep it like that, that bowl cuts are coming back. I thought it was like the greatest haircut ever but he forced me to cut the top as well.
The most famous thing about Guernsey is probably the milk. The milk is seriously unreal. The famous Guernsey cows make good stuff, and I always drink the full cream milk which is just really thick and creamy. So along with that, all the other Guernsey dairy products are really good. Like the best butter I have ever had is here. And the best ice cream. It is just called Guernsey Dairy Ice Cream, and is sold at a few shops, but it is just so delicious.
The one of me and the one other guy who is laughing I thought was funny. That is Elder Kankkunen, one of my really good friends and he is from Finland. He was my district leader in the MTC and he is currently in the same zone as me. So he is one of the guys who came over a couple of p-days ago to come hang out with us and see Guernsey and everything. We had a really fun time and he is a great guy.
In the photo with all three of us, the other guy is Elder Lusk. He was one of the zone leaders. And I actually liked him as a zone leader he was pretty laid back and down to earth. We were doing a cliff path walk and that was at the edge of one of the cliffs over looking the channel.
The last one of me and Elder Erickson on the beach is probably my favorite photo of us two. I am wearing my English national football jersey and favorite hat, and that was just such a fun day. Our branch had an activity at this really nice beach. It was so hot and I wish so badly I could have taken a swim. But three of our investigators who came (Luke, Louise, and Holly) were trying for like an hour to either pour a bucket of water on my head or have Luke grab me and throw me in the ocean. I evaded them for a long time but eventually Luke got me (he is like 6'4 and 250+ pounds) and was about to throw me in but the senior couple stopped him. He would not listen to me that I really couldn't go in.
I am still having fun. But it is getting tough to be on Guernsey for so long. I do sometimes wish I was around other missionaries more. It gets a bit lonely at times. And Elder Erickson has been struggling a lot these last couple of weeks. But I am still trying to stay happy and find joy in all the little things that are going right.
Do you really think I look different now? I looked at a photo of me at the start and I thought I looked pretty similar still.
About my memory card. I actually already have two, I filled my 8 gig card and got a new 4 gig card. But I keep them both in my camera bag.
So ya if that was stolen or lost that would be really bad. Maybe I will store the 8 gig one at home. I don't really want to send it home because I have heard a lot of people who have done that they have been broken on the way.
I finally got everyone's Christmas presents. I will probably send them at the start of September. I sent Riley a package this week (belated birthday). They told me it should get there in a week. At the most 2.
So expect it sometime this or next week.
It was a funny Sunday yesterday. The 1st counsellor in the stake was here for a visit. He was alright, but seemed a bit weird. I've told you before I'm the EQ teacher, and this Sunday we had Ursula at church and Pres. Lingad pulled me aside and asked if I could teach a gospel principles class as well whenever investigators are here. So on sunday I was passing the sacrament, I spoke for 20 mintues in sacrament meeting, and I was teaching gospel principles and EQ. It gets a bit crazy in small branches. And I didn't even know I was speaking until saturday night after I sent those pictures to you. The senior coulpe mentioned I was speaking tommorow and I was like what? But I ended up talking about the Holy Ghost, and because I didn't really have time to prepare I just shared a lot of stories from my life and a few scripture stories. I thought of you though, how when I did my 3 day BoM challenge and didn't really feel like I got a huge answer. And then the scripture you shared from 1 King ch. 19 really helped to put things in perspective for me. i have never forgot that scripture and I talked a lot about it yesterday in my talk. I also had to do a district meeting and did it on the Law of Christ vs. the Law of Moses.
One of my all time favorite topics. I have studied that loads on my mission.
Ursula had a great time at church but then dropped us like an hour later. To be honest, i'm not to concerned. I thought it was too long since she had last dropped us. She has done this like 5 times now and we always are able to convince her to keep going even though it is tough. She must be like a bit bipolar or something or have serious mood swings.
Haha that Vietnam Ashton story is such a classic. That Eureka branch is a good one, and I am sad I missed that talk.
And it sounds like you guys have got lots of good outdoorsy things done this week. Fun stuff.
I can't believe Riley leaves in 3 weeks. It has really snuck up on you guys. When Riley leaves the MTC and gets into the field, it will be Christmas time already.
Hope you guys have a great week,
Love Elder Steed

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