Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feb 12, 2012

Mom made you give a lesson? What kind of lesson? And haha that is funny, because I just love waking up Monday morning and thinking of the whole day ahead of me to relax. Slough actually is pretty good, it is kind of a rough area but so far I have always felt safe. And no way! Longboarding in Febuary? That is pretty sweet, I wish it was that nice over here. Okay... you want a good story.Do you know what gypsies are? Well over here, they are people from Eastern Europe that come to places like England to try to pickpocket people. They usually live either in tiny flats with like 20 of them or outside in tents, and they are always trying to avoid paying taxes and rent and just doing all kinds of dodgy things for money. This week, we had some other missionaries tell us to go try by a lady named Sarah, and they gave us her address. I guess they met Sara while street contacting and they found out she lived in our area. So we went over there, and knocked on the door. THey let us in and seemed really happy to see us. We came in and sat down, and in horrible English asked us 'OKay, so why are you here?' We were like 'we teach people about Jesus Christ.' They said 'Okay...' And we are like can we teach you? They said 'yes...' and we are like 'right now?' And they are like 'sure.' I had no idea what to say, they couldn't really understand basic English let alone the discussions we share. So we just tried to tell them about the BoM. Elder Curran didn't help me out at all either, he just sat there and said nothing. BEfore we left, one of the men just said like 'I need help.' And he led us upstairs to a bedroom. He told us that is was Sarahs bedroom, and sara didn't have enough money to pay the rent. He started asking us to pay rent for her. We are like 'no... we are not paying your rent.' He kept persisting and we just kept telling him no. We go back downstairs. We asked Sara if we could come teach her more another day. She said 'sure' and so we said when should we come back? THen she told us 'I don't live here.' We are all like 'What?? We just saw your room and know you need to pay rent.' She is like 'no, I live somewhere else now.' I was like 'no you don't your room is upstairs.' She kept saying she lived somewhere else so I was like 'Okay, where do you live?' Then she was like 'I forget.' 'You forget where you live?' 'Yes.' So I ask okay, well can we get your mobile number? She said she doesn't have one. I was like, you called us on a cell phone last week, what was that? She said it was her friends. At this point I was just trying so hard to laugh because it had got to the point where it was just so ridiculous. We said we have to go, and left. But I can now say that I have tried to teach gypsies the gospel. It might have been one of those things you had to be there for. Anyways, hopefully that brigthens your MOnday a little bit. Love ELder Steed

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