Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26, 2011

I also look forward to email time every week. I dont have much time here so I am glad that blog is going to other people can hear how I am doing. This was a much better week than last week. I realized my testimony was pretty weak within a few days of coming here, but I have had a few experiences that have really helped me to strengthen it. I have been to the Preston temple three times now, and I had really good experiences the first and last time but the second time I was just really tired and slept for a lot of it so I didn't really feel the spirit. I have been having pretty bad caffeine withdrawls, and was just exhausted all the time, but I think Im just about over that. I was waking up in the night and falling asleep during study and other times, so I spoke with the mission president and we have done some things that have really helped me feel better. The London South mission has about twice as many missionaries as the London mission, and does cover part of London. The missions are split across the Thames river. Big Ben is in the north side but we have the eye of London in the South. I have already made some great friends here that I will be very sad to leave. Unfortnunately my companion is not in this category. I have made plans with some of the guys going to the London mission to meet them at the midpoint of the London bridge at some point on our missions. I am getting pretty sick of the MTC to be honest. I can't wait to get to London. We went on a church history tour through Preston on Sunday, seeing important places in the missions of Gordon B. Hinckley and Heber C. Kimball. It was great to get out into the city and see the people. I talked with a couple of people on the street, which will be good practice for wednesday. bWe visited a stream that they used as a baptismal site, and there was a great spirit at that place. We then came back and had a fireside followed by a recorded talk given by Bednar. We had no leaders of teachers with us at this poing, but our district then walked to the temple singing hymns, and eventually found this secluded grove surrounded by tall hedges on the temple grounds where we just sat for a while and sang a few more hymns. We eventually had an impromptu testimony meeting. That was probably the second time in my life I have had a strong spiritual experience. I had been praying for my testimony of the Book of Mormon to be strengthened all week, and I know that my prayer was answered on sunday night. All the questions I had about if I had made the right choice by coming here vanished in that moment and I was completely at peace with my decision. I have been trying to focus and allow myself to be guided more during personal and companion study because I realized that I need to have that spirit and that peace with me for the next two years if I want to be successful and not get distracted.

If it wasn't for gym and P-day, I would be going crazy here. On saturday during gym time we got to go play a game of football against a bunch of local church members. It was proabably the most fun i have had the whole time I have been here.

The weather here is great and I am getting used to the food. i am eating cornish pasties and nutella and fizzy fanta and so far its all pretty good considering it is cafeteria food.

My MTC president is awesome. He served as the temple president of the Salt Lake Temple a few years ago, and is a very spiritual, nice, and understanding man.

I would like to ask that you dont edit my emails... People reading it just won't really get the feel of the real me. (you can take this line out though)

Good luck as you continue with your biking. Keep me posted on how Riley is doing at Trico center and what the little kids are up to. I miss the great outdoors and hope that you guys continue to enjoy them. Mom i hope that one day I will be able to feast on the scriptures like you do. You've been a great example of dedicated study and I am now trying my best to do the same. We actually had 35 minutes of unbroken silence in our districts one hour personal study time, which is actually amazing considering we have like by far the rowdiest district.

Ill write again next week, but by then I'll be in London.

Love Tanner

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