Sunday, July 24, 2011

First day in the MTC - Preston, England. July 14, 2011

I made it! The flights were long and I couldn't sleep much. Brother Mount picked me up from the airport along with Elder Frary. I am in the MTC which is actually in Chorley, a small town just south of Preston. We arrived and met the MTC president Walker and his wife and his counsellor president Williams. Me and Elder Frary are the only ones here right now except for President Walker and President Williams and their wives. The MTC is right next to the temple, and it's a beautiful place. It was 19 degrees and sunny when I arrived in London, which was a welcome suprise. 36 more Elders and Sisters arrive tommorow for our three week session, so tonight I have a room to myself and I am going to bed soon to deal with the jet lag. President Williams just took us to a nearby pub where we ate dinner. I had my first authentic fish and chips, and it tasted great. I'm going to have an interview with President Walker right now, but I will be able to write to you again next Tuesday. So far it has been great here, have a good time at the family reunion and tell all my Skinner cousins I love them and will miss them.

Love Elder Steed

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